Making the MILF List  

Episodes #1 & #2:  Making MILF #1

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Episode #1:  

Sonny Duncan and his four buddies decide to have sex with their five MILFs.  That means 5 MILFs for every guy and it begins when each one realizes his own mother is hot.  They collectively nominate Sonny to Make the MILF List, because they think his mother is the least likely to have sex with them.  Sonny has to figure out how to have sex with all five MILFs, "so we know they all fuck".  


Episode #2:  

Sonny makes MILF #1.  'Nuff said. 

The Women of Episode #1: None, just guys plotting to Make the MILF List

The Women of Episode #2:  Woman, really.  Kyla Clark.  See the inspirations for her here.

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