Medium McClusky

ANNOUNCING THE NEW SERIES:  The Pleasure Contracts.  

This series appeared on Amazon some years ago but book #3 received a censorship notice from Amazon and required rewriting.  Depression over the censorship delayed the writing and then the business decision to work with Harem Dreams Publishing delayed the release of the remainder of the series.  It will be available on Smashwords and Amazon on Friday  June 3, 2016 and others including Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Inktera some days later.  

Medium McClusky is the first author Harem Dreams Publishing has promoted.  He wrote the popular Adventures of Sonny Duncan, consisting of 3 current series and 1 still in the planning stages.  Making the MILF List, Sharing the MILF List, are published and Extending the MILF List  is still in process.  He anticipates following Extending with Beyond the MILF List to complete the Adventures of Sonny Duncan.  His other series, previously published in part on Amazon will be converted over to Harem Publishing as soon as possible.  He has 3 more books in the series to publish and the 6th in the series is being written.  

Harem Publishing is thrilled to have McClusky.  His work has a professional sheen and polish that sets a new standard for male erotica that we hope to live up to.  He is really the reason we started Harem because he writes high quality erotic fiction for men.  His work is both erotically appealing but manages to retain a respect for the women in his stories that fits this publishing approach to heterosexual, male-centric erotica.  He writes about several very specific male fantasies in ways that engage the reader but without distractions.  Every element of his work is aimed to excite the reader and he uses a wide array of methods to accomplish this.  We are pleased to present his work to the reading public and are proud to have him here at Harem Dreams Publishing.  At least, we think this is a guy writing these books.  Since we have never met, maybe we don't know.  And we haven't asked and won't.  It's kind of interesting to think a woman might be...we'll leave that to your imagination.  We hope you enjoy his work and continue to support it by buying his books and leaving comments at the book sellers to let others know about his work.

Reviews really encourage and help the authors.  Please give them feedback where you purchased the books.  They really appreciate it and read them all the time.  You can email McClusky at this address:

 Thanks for your support!

Series List

Making the MILF List (1st in the Adventures of Sonny Duncan)

Sharing the MILF List (2nd) in the Adventures of Sonny Duncan)

Extending the MILF List (in process 3rd in the Adventures of Sonny Duncan)

Beyond the MILF List (planned by the Author)

The Pleasure Contracts

 Making the MILF List (1st in the Adventures of Sonny Duncan)

5 Episodes in 4 Books

1.  Making MILF #1  (Making #1 & #2)  
2.  A Blonde and Mom  (Making #3)  
3.  A Black MILF and More  (Making #4)  
4.  The Last MILF and More  (Making #5)  

Sharing the MILF List (2nd in the Adventures of Sonny Duncan)

16 Episodes in 15 books

1.  Practicing Sharing the MILF List (Extending #1)  
2.  Two Guys Sharing Two MILFs (Extending #2)  
3.  Sharing the First MILF (Extending #3)  
4.  Mothers and Sons Coming in Concert (Extending #4)  
5.  Swapping Moms and Swapping MILFs (Extending #5)  
6.  What's a MILF Between Friends?  Natasha's Ass! (Extending #6)  
7.  In Between Two Sisters (Extending #7)  
8.  Switching Sisters and Switching MILFs (Extending #8)  
9. Some Mother Stuff and the Other Sister (Extending #9)  
10. Claiming One Sister and Pleasing the Other (Extending #10)  
11 A Mom for Me and a MILF for My Sisters (Extending #11)  
12. Making Two MILFs in a Movie Theater (Extending #12)  
13. Two Days Teasing and Pleasing a Blonde MILF (Extending #13 & #14)  
14. Sharing the Blonde MILF with the Guys (Extending #15)  
15. Sharing a Mom and Her Faux Daughter (Extending #16)  

Extending the MILF List (In process, 3rd in the Adventures of Sonny Duncan)

11 published, more pending

1. Blond Friday Extends The MILF List (Extending #1)  
2. Blond Perfection Teases Me Deep Into My First Sister (Extending #2)  
3. Sister Act One; Christmas Sister (Extending #3)  
4. A Wife and a Mistress, It's Only Business (Extending #4)  
5. Sister Act Twice, New Year's Sisters (Extending #5)  
6. A Sister, a Schizo, a Stranger and a Savant (Extending #6)  
7.Step 1:  Lineup a Redhead, Double Team 1 Blonde Aunt (Extending #7)  
8. A Skeptical Ex and an Office Affair (Extending #8)  
9. Collaring the MILFS (Extending #9)  
10. A Mother and Daughter Extension (Extending #10)  
11.  Beginning a Mother-Daughter Drama (Extneding #11)  

Beyond the MILF List (planned by the Author)


The Pleasure Contracts

1.  Temptation (Contract #1)  
2.  The Ice Queen Cometh (Contract #2)  
3.  The MILF and Her Neighbor (Contract #3)  
4.  ALLURE (Contract #4)  
5.  The Return of the Ice Queen (Contract #5)  
6.  Sexual Politics (Contract #6)