Imagine Yvette


Yvette seems ethereal, unnerving the eyes.  She has the pose of an aristocrat but exposes herself as a woman full of erotic intention, yet she teases and teases before she surrenders to her own lust and satisfies it and you.  



Yvette Demonstrates Her Pride

Yvette wants to be seen, lusts after lust but holds herself in high esteem even while she presents herself for your use.  

Yvette Appears

Yvette appears at first pale, faded as though she is a whisper, a slight caress, longing to be made real by a penetrating action that brings her into focus.  

Yvette, Focused

At first, Yvette appears vague, distant but then she arrives, the focus improves, her color rises and she sparkles with lust,  Yet, as it crackles around her, she remains contained, calm, confident that she will acquire what she so desires.  Surrender to her and she will surrender to you.  

Yvette Moreau Applies Herself

1. Recruiting Tactics (Am Harem #12)