The Belly Dancer

I know this may not match the picture you have in you head.  She's not even dressed as a belly dancer.  Here is the inspiration.  Her eyes, first.  She looks at you and that is Vidya Kitteridge all day long.  She is frank and honest about her sexuality and adventurous despite her size.  So, yes, the size matters.  This picture shows the right dimensions, voluptuous and full.  Imaginw this woman in a belly dancer's outfit with the muscle control to shake each naughty bit one at a time.  Vidya is this woman, with less on.    





Vidya, the Exotic

Now if you are from India, maybe this is a cultural icon.  In the west, American for example, this is EXOTIC.  The air of the mysterious, the thrill of the new and different and the adventure of discovering if this exotic creature behaves sexually like all the women I've known, that is the essence of this picture and the initial appeal of Vidya Kitteridge.  Once the bra comes off, we are all just people, right?  And sex is sex?  That is like saying every day is like every other, so you can sleep through it.  No, each woman is special and from day to day, they may show you a whole different version.  This is Vidya at heart, the mysterious, sensual and exotic woman, dressed or almost dressed to entice and seduce.  But you can't touch...that comes later.  

Vidya's Goal

Everyone should have a goal, right?  What is Vidya's, really.  Does she dance just for herself?  Does she want to tease to please and then leave you wanting more?  No.  Not Vidya Ketteridge.  When Josh unveils her, she is getting what she desires, the final proof that belly dancing is foreplay and foreplay comes before something and that is what comes next.  The whole point of belly dancing is what?  To demonstrate the muscle control of a good lover before the bra comes off.  Once the bra comes off, does she stop being the belly dancer?  No.   Vidya wants to demonstrate that all those hours of dancing has a pay off.  Once it's time, once the music stops and the panting gets serious, she is not just a passive doll, she's the belly dancer.  

Vidya's Proper Position

Now don't get any stupid ideas.  Vidya is not crawling, she waits, in position.  The music is over, the dancing is done.  The belly dancer has shed her clothing and is past the foreplay.  What happens next?  Josh owns her.  She takes this position to surrender to him what he wants the most.  Pick a position and take her from there.  She has the need, every move of her body from the moment the music began to the disappearance of the last shred of clothing cries out that need.  She shudders with it, she throbs with it, she offers to let you fuck a belly dancer.  Does she demand or plead?  Does it matter if you have what she wants?  Let her have what belly dancing insinuates.