Paula, the Intimidating Blonde

She judges you from behind the beautiful facade of her blonde elegance.  Once she understands, she strikes you dumb and takes you like the wind.   





Shallow Mocks

She is Shallow but she mocks with it, because for her it is a choice where others are shallow by nature.  In choosing to be shallow, she dives deep out of sight.  Distracted by her beauty, you will not see her judgment or feel her contempt while she uses you, judges you and dares you to engage her and please her.  Please her if you can, use her if you dare.  Penetrate her mockery and please her and find just how deep she is.  

Paula, Shallow, Swallow

She is ever only half exposed.  See her, know her, want her, have her.  She will swallow and if you believe that is as deep as she goes, you'll never have her on her back as she desires and this is all you'll ever know of her.  

Perfectly Shallow

if Paula judges you well, you'll find her thus.  She will decide but once decided you must be decisive or she will fade away.  Plunge into her depth and find how great it is, to be so utterly swallowed up in her simple sensuality and lust.  Her passion is calculating but no less passionate.  Here is the treasure her spite guards.  

Paula Imperial aka Shallow (Swallow)

1. A Favor for Eve, Fooling Swallow  (Harem #7)