Samantha Uliss-Normal Woman

Samantha appears like most women, calm, cool, collected.  Her presence is a delight, her manner soft and easy to love.  She fits into every situation but this is merely her mask, the facade she wears, can you see beyond it to the woman writhing beneath?  The ecstasy controls her but she controls it, until the bra comes off.     





This is Sam, this is Vicky Vice (Vise?)

There can be no doubt; this is Sam.  Samantha sits exposed, draped but uncovered.  Her eyes focus, they see, she no longer hides behind the facade of the woman the world sees.  She is Vicky Vice.  She is daring and she will dare all and take all comers.  Dare.

Samantha's Element

The bed is Samantha's element.  She does not know you are there until you are deep inside her, consumed by her lust, ensnared by the wires of her body, held by her passion.  Sam poses a conundrum to the mind, can something so small hold all that you offer and offer all that you wish.  Samantha dares you to find out.  

Sam Reflects

Samantha has had you.  She has screamed you deaf.  She has roiled with passion and convulsed with ecstasy.  Now she is at ease, her body electric calmed by the passing storm and now she reflects on the passion that lately tore through her.  She knows it is there, dying to escape her, to hold and control her.  She is in awe, yet in her pose there is pride, pride of her passion and of the body it permeates.  She knows there is more, so much more.  She is stilled by the knowledge but thrilled at the future it promises.