Quilla Favors

Did she know her mother posed nude?  Quilla like girls.  Lydia is a girl.  

Quilla shows Quilla

Quilla the Good Girl

Well, sort of.  She really doesn't get the whole good girl fantasy.  Her idea of a good girl starts here.  She is good at being a woman and here she shows herself, charming, demure, ready and god knows the woman is willing.  Quilla is at ease with the lust that lurks inside her, until...

...it's time to come, Quilla

She sees you and knows you right up until the voracious lust emerges.  Strangely, Quilla recedes and this woman appears.  Quietly lurid, confidently sexual but with a calm yet urgent demand to be combined in your sexual fantasy, not as a fantasy but as a full, willing and eager participant.  Quilla is a sexual creature and she never disguises it once it emerges.  Just don't tease her.  

Quilla Pleads

The lust is loose, the woman is loose, the lurid look pleads for satisfaction.  Here is the daughter that exudes her mother's past and seeks to write a new chapter.  She just needs a little help from who?  Sonny for sure but what about her brother?  Would this woman refuse any man who catches her in this state, aroused and throbbing for the fulling conjoining of bodies?  When Quilla pleads, who can resist her?    

Quilla Favors Models Her Mother

1.  A Mother and Daughter Extension (Extending #10)