Norma Spilletti

This is the woman who competes with her sister, Mrs. Rossini.  Until the MILF List joineds them together, they did not know or at least did not acknowledge their competition.  Sibling rivalry always meant fucking two sisters and then comparing them.  Norma, more than her peace (piece?) loving sister, wants to be compared.  Her older sister has overshadowed her in conventional living, perhaps conventional fucking.  She wants men to fuck her and then fuck her sister and issue a judgment.  Who is the sexiest woman?  Norma or Natasha?  She wants to know but does she want the truth?  Perhaps all she wants is a goal, a challenge to pursue and meet.  The smart man picks Natasha and then lets Norma fuck him to prove her point, using his point, in fact.  The challenge, though, is just to keep them both happen. See?  Sonny ends up a genius.  

A Glimpse of Norma

Look closely and she what she offers.

She Says "My Mouth is Open"

What do you think that means?   

Don't Be Fooled

This is how she wants you to see her, sweet and wonderful.  Don't be fooled.  Norma wants to have a man.  She'll use you up.