Unmistakably Natasha

Unmistakably Natasha

This woman is unmistakably female.  She seems casual, even at ease till you look closer and see the curves, that tiny waist, the ass, the tits, seeming to swell her profile and leave the eyes astonished.  Even with her clothes on, her flashing eyes disguise her.  She seems open, vivacious, thorougly sentimental.  You blink your eyes and then you see what her son never misses.  Natasha is a woman!

Covered or Uncovered, Here I come

Natasha exudes sensuality.  Isn't that what they always say about a woman whose body demands that every man look at her but few really see her?  Natasha's body attracts the eyes, the minds, the body separately and together.  She knows.  She senses the effect she has on you and she seems to feed off of that energy, as though the sensual effect she has on you just makes her more sensual.  Her skin seems smooth but taut, like a tight leather couch and you want to feel to see if she is different.  She is.  Trust us.  

She Smiles Like She Means It

There, this is the meaning of an inviting smile.  She is alluring but then she cannot help herself.  She delights in the effect she has on men, how their eyes widen or glaze over.  She feels it, the surging urge to touch her, yet they don't.  She preens, she uncovered herself and there it is, the response she loves.  When a man cannot breathe, his chest aching with desire, she absorbs that sensation like a drug and it redoubles her sensual appeal.  She glows when she feels it, lust, the lust growing in you makes it swell in her.  She never hesitates but gives every impression that she wants to throw herself into the flames of your passion and be consumed.  She lusts for your lust.  Let her have it.  

Natasha's Desire

She is Satisfied, Are You?

There it is, that look of satisfaction.  Her eyes glow with afterglow and her body vibrates with the sensations that so lately roared through her.  She loves the sensation, the feeling of a man looking down into her eyes as her legs clasp about him, pulling him firmly into place between her voracious thighs.  She responds as you thrust into her and when all is complete, she lays silently back, clutching her breasts as though to corral the sensations and keep them sharp and new for a moment longer.  But they fade and the glow disappears and the hunger returns to her eyes.  You feel her desire and it flares, the heat of it pulls at you till you close your eyes and dive into her boiling passion and disappear, consumed by Natasha's desire.  That all flickers in her satisfied eyes.