Mrs. Laura Wills

Still waters run deep and the depths of senuality in this woman surprise everyone who knows her, including her own son, Chris.  She unwraps a legacy of sexual unsatisfied need that, like a forgotten trust fund gathering interest, just waiting for some young man to tap the riches within.  She shows herself and wishes for more, desiring someone to capture the passion she harbors and plumb her depths to release that inner passion by restraining her and it till it bursts forth like an exploding star.  Laura Wills hides in plain sight but once seen, she may blind you.

Laura Wills Exposed

Laura wills feels nothing when her clothing is removed and her body appears uncovered and unmistakbly beautiful.  She will go naked as required but she waits, passive, testing you to see if you can unlock the eroticism inside of her.  She feels the whispering glances of your eyes on her body, the lingering touch of your gaze on her breasts, beginning a tingling between her legs that crackles like a new flame.  She contains it, remaining still, waiting and wondering if you can contain what she contains or if, released, you will restrain her and in doing so release her most secret longing.  

Laura Wills, Content 

Someone has discovered the truth.  Laura wishes to take a collar, to surrender to the right man and share her sexual energy with him, giving everything she has to satisfy his desires while he denies her satisfaction.  In this robust denial she finds contentment and satisfaction.  She cannot surrender unless she is fully and well owned.  She sits content, the collar about her neck, dressed to please his eyes, longing for his hands and lips to touch and ignite her once more.  She has felt it and she longs for it and will surrender all to have it.  Laura Wills desires to be possessed in every way possible.  The longer you deny her satisfaction, the more she pants after it, but it must come and so must she.  

Laura Wills Crawls

See her as she is, a woman who desires to crawl on her knees, eyes level with...she sees arousal all around her, casual glances touch her nude body and then return and return and return.  Each time a man looks down on her, she wants to rise up on her hind legs and mount him, crushing her body onto his while he pierces her with his desire and thrusts deep into her boiling need with the cool command that yanks on her leash and her collar restrains her, pulling her back from the promise of her own passion.  The brink is just there, and she fears that, left unrestrained, she would dash off a precipice into a wild cataclysm of passion that would leave her devastated, utterly out of control, possessed by the powerful sensuality that rages for release behind her eyes, roiling beneath her perfect tingling skin.  She fingers the collar around her neck, comforted by the safety it represents.  She is safe from her own wild desires and her willingness to please every man who wants her, to honor ever request if only he would be on her over and over again.  She pants for that penetrating moment and closes her eyes.  The collar, rough about her neck, reassures her, she is safely owned.  Perhaps he who holds the leash will hand it to another and give her a new cavorting pleasure.  She sighs and dreams of crawling on the grass amongst a crowd, a nude animal safely tamed and directed to the pleasure of all that is her pleassure complete.