All Invitation 

Cici is all invitation.  The ball cap is out of character and that draws the eyes away from where she is looking.  You know where she wants your eyes and when they get there, everything changes.  Cici has two personalities and this one is half of each.  The demure woman, that is the essence of her well-known character, a little shy, a little silent, but open and friendly.  The other part of her looks down at the unzipped sweater and what billows beneath it, avoiding your eyes in case you look her in the eye because she does not want to show you the want and the need that will surely flash there if she looked at you.  This is her essence, all careful contradiction.  Which side of the paradox will you experience?  

Cici Revealed

It turns out that Sonny's mother is not so demure after all.  Though she does not turn fully to the camera, her eyes say she will, you just have to give her a moment.  The time will come when she will join you in that nexus of lust where you want her and she wants to be.  Her eyes say it all, the promise is there, but a bold dare and the fine anticipation and expectation.  Cici plays the demure mother but all the while, the need to be this woman, nearly exposed but promising more, that need drives her to promise some and to deliver more.  She does not care about the lines, she goes where she is impelled to go.  She can be seduced.  

And There's the Dare

Fine. Now you see me, she says.  What are you going to do now.  Like what you see?  Care to touch me.  Nope.  Not like that.  Oh, yes, oh yes, like that.  With your lips.  

She speaks to you in a raspy, gasping voice that rattled around in you like a sparrow caught in a green house.  The crazed impulses throb in her and she looks at you, showing them.  She is just there, a step from demanding, side by side with need, clearly exposed and revealing herself but this is more than a flash and a tease.  It is a Dare.  I dare you, she says.  I dare you to meet me there, were ecstasy awaits, the sibilant pleasure of my skin under your lips and the shock when we connect and all that follows.  I dare you to refuse this, to refuse me.  

Now, Now, Don't Wait

Cici has crossed the line.  The reluctance that was demurral in her is gone.  She is commited, laid down and aroused, waiting.  The moment is upon her and she hopes, she needs it to touch you too.  There is no hesitation, only the growling need.  This shows her fully sexual, waiting but impatient.  Her sensuality has boiled over and she is ready to blend with the thrill of the joining, the connection in the kiss, in the contact of skin on skin and the driving desire that brought her here.  She is driven but she has leaned into her desire and that constitutes a promise of more to come.