Alissa Honeywell Sizes You Up

She knows she is hot, a nubian Queen who commands and contends and bows to no one.  Yet her back ripples and the lingering, nagging desire to feel a man between her legs, to put her on her back and mount her like a stallion takes a willing mare, that haunts her.  She puts away that creeping pleasure behind a brash facade of towering intelligence and awesome ability.  She is an attorney and all see that brave facade that rarely cracks and rarely slips.  Her son, Sammy, is oft in awe of her till he finds her on her knees sucking a plumber in exchange for his service and then the illusion shatters. She feels it slip and wonders how will you react when you realize what desires ripple beneath her dark foreboding skin and behind her piercing, definant eyes.  "Mount me if you can, have me if you dare!"  She declares.  Who dares?

Alissa, Spread and Waiting 

Even spread and waiting, her dishabille more accoutrements of defiance than embarrassing discombobulation.  She looks direct into your eyes and dares you to challenge her dark fire.  She wants you to subdue her but dares you to try.  If you dare and do not overcome her, it is tantamount to surrender and once you surrender to her, she loses interest.  She shows you all she has, asking for you to take it from her without question or polite demurral.   Her pose pulses with passion yet she maintains control, issuing her sensuous challenge to wrest it out of her hands and consume her with your unapologetic need.  She wants to be swamped by your demanding apprehension of her charms and once consumed, she will Phoenix-like rise up from the ashes and burn brightly again and some more.  Dare you challenge this ebony goddess and promise her consumation of her desires?  She awaits. 

Her Tower of Power

Despite being disrobed, utterly stripped of clothing and identity, she stands tall.  Her body burnished bronze in the firelight.  She offers herself, hiding her need in defiance.  Faceless, she is all tits and thighs and pussy, her body has become her whole being and she offers it to he who can take it and her.  She longs for the heights of ecstasy and the growling animal inside her seeks congress with a strong stranger who will quiet it with consumation of her desires.  She stands but all she wishes it to lie down and to be laid down and well laid.  

Alissa Rewards the Victor

Of all her passions, the desire to surrender all to the right man writhes within her like a great ocean.  Deep and enveloping, her desire to be cherished, possessed and penetrated roils through her like dark smoke from the charnal pits where libertines snatch what little pleasure they can find.  She sits, posed and eyes questioning.  You have had her once, can you have her again?  Of course, she offers herself to you with unequivical frankness.  She is now commited but for one final thing.  Can you, will you satisfy her twice?  Can you repeat the satisfaction of her desires a second time or were you a flash in the pan?  Alissa, even in surrender, remains full of challenge, unbending but completely consumed by the need to recreate the consumation of pleasure once and then again and perhaps forever then.  She keeps the promise in her eyes but the task she sets is yours to perform and the rewards the two of you will share equally.