M'bara's Body, when she had hair

M'bara shaved her head but here is the inspiration for her body.  





The Rest of M'bara

See?  Here is where the inspiration for M'bara lies, reclines, waiting to be used and delighted to use you in return.  

M'bara Exactly

This is her, sensual, defiant and seduced by her own passion.  Despite her defiance, she cannot hide and does not deny the sensuality pulsing through her.  Tap it at your own risk.  

What M'bara Hides

This is the woman she longs to be, elegant, wanton, alluring.  She feels this way but shows the world only what she cannot hide.  This woman, her elegance exposed, presents the gift the right man might earn.  Tap her passion if you dare but when you do, beware for it could consume you.  Bring friends.  

M'bara, the African Princess appears as in a dream

1. Letting an African Princess  (Harem #6)