Little Lynn Graves-MILF!

Lynn Graves is no traditional woman.  Yes, she has a baby, and yes, she has a husband, but Lynn does not have the body or the mind traditionally associated with these roles.  Lynn has sensual needs and she wants what she wants.  She knows what she wants and she is willing to negotiate to get what she wants.  Lay her down and see what she wants.  Lynn is no ordinary MILF.  She offers milk if she gets what she wants.  

Daring Lynn

Lynn is daring but not in the sense of courage or foolhardy.  No, Lynn is daring in that she dares the man before her, dares him to taste her in every way, to share his benefits with her as she shares hers with him.  Lynn has the urges that drive her and she loves them, caters to them and offers herself as she is and she is a new MILF.  

Lynn Offers

Lynn offers a straight trade, give her what she wants and she'll give you what she has.  What she has is more than the bargain requires.  Lynn's aggression becomes demanding, adding to the MILF experience, the erotic confusion that only a NEW MILF can offer.  Do you dare to taste her menu top to bottom?  A new MILF has options the long time MILF no longer possesses.  Lynn knows and offers it because her offers give her great rewards, when they are accepted!  


Lynn is a New MILF and when things are shiny and new, it is easy to tell.  The New MILF smell, the New MILF taste, Lynn presents it all, a unique MILF experience.  

Lynn Graves-Brand New MILF, Got MILK?  YES!

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