Lydia Favors

and Lydia Favors

Lydia Favors Vamps

She has a past.  See, she posed nude in her youth and grew better with age.  Now she knows what to do, how to do it and proves willing to do it.  Sonny releases the inner Vamp, the once and future vamp that lurks under the fiery surface of this woman's persona.  Lydia is a redhead and the fire burns hot in her, inside and out.  

Lydia Looks

Lydia's looks are photogenic and direct.  She'll look you in the eye but Sonny finds a way to make her look away.  She hesitates, she suffers with her private desires and Sonny taps them, tapping her.  Lydia grows when she ceases acting the repressed mother and becomes the MILF.  

 Lydia Caught

Lydia is casually nude, optimistic that her body will earn a response.  Sonny's response is heroic and Lydia succumbs to her primal urges and follows Sonny's lead.