Evidently Laurel

Behind her deceiving eyes, is this woman, wild and waiting to be untethered.  





Laurel Ensnared

Once Laurel's lust is tapped, out flows this woman, ready to flood your senses.    

Laure's Desires

Laurel's desires confuse her.  She groans with need and then denies it and refuses you.  You must be wily to decipher her and give her what you want. 

Laurel's Reward

See it?  The reward for untangling Laurel and releasing her passion?  This is the reward she offers.  She is greedy for the reward is hers also.  She does not share, take what you can get; she surely shall.  

Laurel, the Strange Encounter

1. Letting an African Princess  (Harem #6)