Jennifer Shines

Like a star, Jennifer shines, glittering and bring.  She shows her beautiful face but it takes insight to see deeply into her.  Can she be properly plumbed?     





Jennifer Poses

Jennifer waits in bed, naked, thrillingly aroused and erotic.  She sits, channeling some endless reservoir of sensual energy, daring you to tap it, to touch her and feel the vibrant anticipation throbbing inside her.  She is a fantasy waiting but for what? 

Jennifer's Eyes

Her eyes are cast down but not downcast.  She does not look but waits for you to see her.  This is the shape of Jennifer Simpson.  Her body posed to please, her eyes dare not meet your gaze sweeping over her like caresses.  She is thrilled to be seen, to be nude, to be ready and held in thrall by her secret passion.  Jennifer's secret is in this pose.  Do you know it?  Episode #10 tells her story and shows her true desires, can she master them?  

Jennifer Knows

Jennifer knows you know her.  She feels the sensation of a hand touching her and she closes her eyes.  The feeling tingles on her skin but then goes deeper, thrusting inside her to that place where she understands her lust originates.  She feeds that seed and lets it grow, rising in her like a raging fire till she burns to be had, to have the pleasure her body promises.  She knows the pleasure and her best facet is her willingness to share her knowledge.    

Jennifer Simpson on Display

1. A Blonde and a Bit of Stuff (Am Harem #8)  
2.  The Blonde Sex Object (Am Harem #10)