Mrs Kyla Clark, the Good Girl

Kyla looks you in the eyes, waiting to see what you'll do.  She is a good girl but she wants what you want but most of all, she wants you to want her, to take what she has but refuses to offer.  She waits, she smiles, she hopes.  She hopes you seduce her, with charm, with enticing words, with a caress that makes her shiver.  She quivers with anticipation.  Kyla Clarks wants to be made.  

Kyla Exposed

Kyla unbuttons her blouse and shows herself and in that moment, she fills with insecurity.  Her eyes search for a sign of approval.  She waits to see if she should complete what her fingers have started.  Her breasts are there, offered and in this moment captured before you respond, she feels vulnerable and exposed.  He feels that her needs is evident and her desire shimmers about her like an aura.  It is approval she longs for and that approval will make her feel complete.  She wishes to be made.  

Kyla Clark enthralled

Kyla Clark as the woman naked and ready.  This is the inner woman, the way arousal appears when she has been seduced utterly into the mood and is on the very verge of becoming a demanding woman, filled with desire and controlled by her repressed lust.  This is the woman Kyla wants to be but fears to become, not repressed exactly, because this version of her appears the moment you get her clothes off.  Until then, this version of her shimmers beneath the surface of her "good girl" image.

Kyla Clark has shared

Kyla looks at you after that first time, after you've had her and this shows what she feels.  She is willing again and wonders if you found her enticing enough to take her again.  Or was it just curiousity that crawled between her legs.  She looks at you with a guarded question in her eyes, asking herself if the lust that crushed you together will return, igniting passion and ecstasy again.  She wants it again.  And again.  And again.  But do you want her?  That question lingers behind the veil in her eyes.