Eve In Command

She seduces without effort, showing her sensuality with a turn of her head and enthralling you.  Stare because you have no choice and she has you, ensnared and seduced.  Whatever Eve says, you do, what Eve wants, Eve gets.  Welcome to Eden, can you avoid the fall?  .   





Eve's Cool Eyes

Just when you think you have tapped her boiling passion, she turns cool, slips away from you and when next you see her, you see her thus.  She has forgotten you, forgotten the passion, forgotten the cataclysm erupting in her body from your touch and now, it seems you have never met.  Her cool eyes seem blind to your memory that you cannot forget.  Lust grows, swelling, raging and she takes no notice.  Eve is your downfall.  

Eve of the Earth

Eve slithers around you, filling your senses and robbing you of your reason.  If you surrender to her wiles too easily, she will spit contempt; if you prove to complicated, she will be bored and wander away.  She is a narrow chasm through which you must pass to find her Shangri la.  She'll meet you there but it requires great skill to keep her interested.  Eve seems to be smoke and mirrors but you find she has a foundation as solid as the earth itself.  This, she does not understand but wishes you to teach her.  Teach her if you can.  

Eve's Knowledge

Now she knows and she knows you.  Exposed, are you enthralled and thus beguiled and soon besotted with this woman, ethereal and blonde.  She finally shows herself and if you can contain yourself, you can learn of her and what you learn, she lusts for.  She wants you to know what she dare not admit and teach her that passion that is in her, teach her over and over again till her sense of self vanishes in the steam of that lust.  Do that and she will never leave you, never let you go but you will never wish to be free, either.  The alchemy of her body will change you into what she needs and you will need her as much or more.  A sexual equilibrium will consume you.   Possessed and possessing, owned and owning, you will satisfy her deep abiding lust and learn what depths passion can have inside such a slight and lithesome woman.  

Eve Covington Sawyer is listed here

1. A Favor for Eve, Fooling Swallow  (Harem #7)