Ellen Collier-Firebrand

Ellen has red hair, short cropped.  She is small and slender but in such small packages comes great things.  She has a law degree but never follows the rules.  She is sassy and fiery, like her hair.  Ellen fucks when she wants, to get what she wants, when and where and how.  Sonny frees her but in doing so, gains a hold of her.  


Ellen, Attitude 

Ellen is all attitude and this attitude is all Ellen.  This picture shows Ellen.  She demands that you look at her, thta you stare and see her bared to your eyes.  She does not show any concern.  She feels as ease under your eyes and that ease reveals her definance, her...her attitude.  She sits beside the bed, a suggestion in itself, one you dare not refuse.  

Ellen, Caught

Fine, you caught me.  Look and see what I have and understand that there is more to her than meets the eye.  She may appear here in an unguarded momemt but the truth is Ellen does no think she needs to guard her moments.  The only one who needs a guard around her, is you.  

Ellen Dares to be Naughty

Ellen knows her passions and pursues them with vigor.  However, she is not unwilling to allow another to guide her along an unfamiliar path.  Lead or being led, she tastes each new moment and then lets it envelop her and perhaps consume her.  The sensations are profound.