Dori Hamilton-Mother!

This woman is a Mother?  Really?  Have you seen her daughter?  D. Debra is her daughter.  She shows herself to be ready and willing to show what is barely seen, what is clearly her fully realized presence.  She really is half of the mother-daughter fantasy.  Her daughter is the other half.  Could any man choose between them, between a mother and a daughter.  Then again, who would dare?  Sonny, Sonny dares.  See how he does!

Dori Does It All

Dori Hamilton is first a woman.  She eyes what she wants, she gets what she needs, she needs what you have, she gives what every man lusts to taste and touch and hold.  Dori does desire.  Dori does passion.  Dori poses, she offers, she lusts, she sees.  Dori Hamilton has a secret desire.  She suggests and then she demands, offers, and then delivers the powerful passion that seduces the eyes, the mind, the body and soul.  Dori does it all.  Experience counts.  


Look it up.  When you define MILF, can there be a better definition than Dori D. Hamilton?  Mrs. Hamilton is both the fantasy MILF and the reality exposed.  A woman who loves to fuck will end up on the list.  What list?  Sonny's MILF list.  She defines this list but she brings more to the list than just this heavenly body, she is willing to show you.  She brings a wondrous daughter.   

Dori the MILF does not bluff

When she flashes you, it is an invitation and if you take her up on it, she does not step back or flit out of reach.  She reaches and makes contact.  She is flexible and has skillz.  Beware thinking this MILF is illusion in any way.  She is real and committed to the meaning of MILF; she defines it as she wishes and she wishes to demonstrate her skillz.