Darlene Demure

She cannot hide what she is, despite all her attempts to do so.  She is a sexual creature and though she has the ability to appear as a female, subsumed by society into a repressed role, the truth will out.  Darlene will never remain subjugated to standard moral constrictions.  She is an adventurous.  Though she is wily, and inventive, she delights in being the object of desire.  Even when she retreats behind her facade, what she thinks hides her demurely, truly exposes the woman she is.   

Daring Darlene

Darlene emerges from her conventional, conservative world as this woman.  This picture shows her character, worldly, aggressive, uncompromisingly erotic.  She exposes her breasts but still looks you in the eyes.  She uncovers herself but determines that you will be uncovered as well.  Her forays into the sexual wild means she will drag you with her, unwilling to let you set on the sidelines, this woman, this picture betrays her intent.  She wishes to consume you, utterly.  In doing so, she finds that elusive satisfaction of her desire, like so many of Sonny's women, the desire to be desired for that is his offering.  Sonny grants them each his desire and this seduces Darlene, eventually.  


Darlene Leaning Forward

Darlene is a hooker, as a hobby and amusement.  She delights in strange but what she loves the most is simple, sensual sex.  Behind her mode of sexual commerce, she lives as a sexual woman who delights in sex without complication.  She is no romantic but given the opportunity, she will romance you with her assets and seduce you with a guileless delight in her body, sexual expression, and your body as well.  In the end, she leans forward into her life, presenting herself to you as the woman who loves sharing sexual connections.  This pictures shows the woman who loves sex.  Let her show that woman to you and when she is done, you'll love it too.