European Dannielle

She has that j'en sais quoi that makes you want her.  Guess what?  She wants you too.  



Unmistakably Dannielle 

Dannielle shows herself and it is easy to see what she offers.  Her openness strips away the usual reserve and there it is, that elegant sensuality that frankly invites you to try her charms.  

Dannielle, worth repeating

Didn't notice her before?  Looked past her because she seemed, reserved, perhaps plain?  Try to look away now.  You can't.  She does not know how her body holds your eyes or why, but when she feels you looking, she shudders and waits.  This, this is what awaits you.  

Dannielle in White

Can you doubt what she offers, what she wants?  Dannielle stands still, waiting, hoping, daring you to take what she wants you to have, what she wants to give so that she can share what you instill in her and you both fill find the pleasure she lusts for deep inside.