D. Debra Hamilton-Maneater

Think you understand this woman?  Brilliant, masterful, demanding and volutuous, D. Debra Hamilton commands attention, not just with her body, which justifies all the focus you can provide, but with her eyes, attitude and her mind.  She is an engineering student, endowed with phenomenal intelligence, she brushes against Sonny Duncan and feels a connection, a connection that stimulates her lust.  She draws him closer but refuses to relinquish her command.  This is the woman Sonny sees when they first meet but what will she become?  

She's Teasing You

Looking to see what D. Debra hides?  Wish to know the expanse of her sexual potential?  Driven by desire to accede to her demands just to see what?  This?  This beauty still covered but whose form is undeniably built for one thing.  Well, if you have an imagination, she is built for more than one thing but she demands that you use that imagination before she accedes to your desires.  Her desires dominate you as they dominate her.  She teases you not to frustrate you but to please herself, putting her pleasure before yours.  This is the woman Sonny desires, the teasing woman focused on her own pleasure because he knows...satisfy her fully and she will be fully his.  Is he right?   

Now You See Her

Not fully exposed, she reveals she teases to please only.  Her treatment of Sonny demands a strong, self-assured, and grounded man, a man whose own sexuality does not mask his true intent.  He wants her.  She wants to be wanted.  Their wrangling makes a heroic story of sexual negotiation, attentuated in order to increase the climax when it finally arrives.  Can Sonny endure?  Can he persist in satisfying her demands without surrendering to her utterly?  He must because he knows what she demands is not surrender, but to surrender to a man who struggles for domination with her...and succeeds.  When she finally exposes herself, if you lose focus and think that is the final act in her little immorality play, she will dump you like a doggy do bag.  She demands your utter focus and if you look close, she justifies such focus.  Can you maintain focus?     

Do You See?

The attraction, the intensity, the sensual allure that drew Sonny to her?  It is right there but there is something present in this bit of inspiration that explains Sonny's desire and his ultimate success.  It is coming, it will be there.  Sonny will encircle her and she will not escape.