Beth's casual sensuality


Beth is somber and contemplative, at times unaware of those around her.  Constance is passive and unaware of herself, focused outward and waiting for you to make the move.  


Constance is passive

and anything but casual  

Who's Using Whom?


Beth and Constance are colleagues.  Beth is older, more experienced but Constance is young and adventurous.  She can be seduced and when she is, Beth will be as well.  Constance's passion seduces Beth and she can be had, used and aroused beyond her wildest dreams.  So she is seduced and so she is delighted when Constance finds excitement and surrenders to her passion.  In this way, they are a matched pair, dare one and you dare them both.  


Aren't they cute?  


Passionate Beth

Beth is not exactly repressed.  She just contains her passion, releasing it only when she has no choice.  

Constance pursues her passion, convinced it resides beyond her, out of her control.  To seduce her passion, she must give control away; and she does, whenever she can.  


Constance in

that Perfect Moment 

Beth Captured

Once Beth is undressed and exposed, she focuses, intent on her ardor, contained by it, controlled by it.  

She cannot refuse.  She dares not and she understands Constance at last, her willingness to wait and let sensuality come to her.  

Constance seems to be waiting

but feel the demand

Beth and Constance Encounters

1. Letting an African Princess  (Harem #6)