Shy, Quiet Bethlynn

Is she really shy or is she showing off?  Bethlynn Brazil hesitates to turn and look at you.  Why should she, when this view is so fine?  





This is Bethlynn

When the character Bethlynn appeared, this was her.  The look, the breasts, the eyes, the hair, it all cried out to come alive in a story and she does, though, she only appears briefly in Episode #11, she will have a more extensive role to play.  

Bethlynn Again

She is truly shy, but not just because you cannot look her in the eyes.  With breasts like these, who can blame a guy for never noticing if she looks at you or not?  She doesn't.  She wants you to see her breasts, but beyond that, she aches to have them touched...with fingers, palms, lips and tongue, she is afire inside, waiting to burn you.   

Bethlynn Will Learn

Bethlynn will learn to look at you.  When she feels secure and confident that she has ensnared you, entranced you and ensorcelled you, she will wait for you to emerge out of your lusty trance.  She will wait for you to take her and she will learn that if she waits, she will be taken.  Does she looked like she has a lisp?  Who cares.  

Bethlynn Brazil Presents Herself

1. Settling the Sex Object and Harem Recruiting (Am Harem #11)