Anne Kingston Fooling You

When you see this picture, you think "vulnerable", "compliant", or perhaps "willing".  She presents herself as being open to guidance, perhaps usage.  Don't be fooled.  That is cultural but it fades quickly.  The next vision you get of Anne Kingston is a woman who demands what she wants and works to have it irrespective of what she says.  Her sensuality emanates from her, pulling on you like gravity between a heavenly body and you.  You feel her power and want to be under her sway, under her swaying body as she rides you towards her own satisfaction.  You are incidental to her pleasure but she has no concern about sharing it with you.  This woman poses and then pounces.  

And Then This Happens

You finally get convinced you know who this woman is and what happens?  She changes.  Just when you understand she is a hellcat intent on twisting you into a pleasurable knot and you are incidental if necessary to her actions, suddenly you do something, an unconscious jerk of will that snaps you into the presence of this woman.  Anne appears, an elegant, composed, and polite woman who focuses her erotic attention on you.  She seems generous, sentimental, and longing for a tender touch.  She lays down for you and her desire for you exudes a passionate consumation that you cannot ignore.  In a moment, you are enthralled, caught by her composed gaze and wanting nothing so much as to kiss a nipple or feel her legs around you.  Her eyes say she wants that too.  Can you resist? 

Annie Appears

Mrs. Kingston can change.  This pictures shows her wanton and wanting.  She waits, undressed and naked, aware she is stripped bare and exposed.  She looks away from you and yet, despite her seeming disinterest, you feel her utter and complete focus on what you want to do with her.  She seems nonchalant, even disinterested but she is nude.  She might sudder but not from cold.  Despite her appearance, she quivers with anticipation.  The more you demand from her, the more you pull her into the nexus of your desire, the more she responds, the more she seems to cling to you as though to a lifeline, the last hope she has of surviving the erotic maelstrom that surrounds her, robbing her of reason and lifting her up to a plane of arousal that shatters her cool and leaves her panting for climax.  She is a knot of need, throbbing with desire far larger than her small frame.  She will not inhabit you, she will consume.  

She Never Looks at You


Anne never looks at you.  She sits, naked and focuses everywhere but on your eyes fixed on her body.  She shivered and her hairs sweeps over one eye, leaving you feeling like she was touching you somehow, by not looking or acknowledging you.  She seems to hold onto you without moving a finger.  This captures the contradiction in Anne, the demanding sexuality that is Annie and the compliant willingness to that is Anne.  Anne is a brilliant, interesting and interested woman.  She is interested to see what you will do to her and the anticipation feels like curiosity but is really calm but irresistible lust.  She fears it.  She fears you will see it, understand it and then use it to subsume her will to yours and use her, as she wants to be used.  She wants it but dare not show it or speak the words.  The words besmirch the longing and make it seem sullied and to be resisted.  Anne Kingston throbs with desire but she will not act on it unless you show weakness.  Then this disappears and another woman appears who will use you up.  Her complexity keeps you focused on her, just the way she likes.  You look at her but she will not look at you.  


This is Anne

This is Annie


Mrs. Kingston the Schizo, Annie or Anne, you never know which one you are speaking to.